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August 9, 2018 - Morgantown, WV - Perspectrum is now available to purchase and download for Windows, Mac, and Linux!

Players take the role of the Tall Stranger, a being who has awakened with the power to use ancient fountains to change the elements of the world. The stranger must use spirit fragments scattered throughout the various levels to bring the mountain back to life. The game includes an overworld and five dungeons, each introducing it’s own unique mechanic to help collect more spirit fragments.

“Perspectrum is a great little game that sets itself apart with the element shift mechanic,” said Connor Haynes, Founder of ProudMom Games, “that forces you to think about each dungeon as one big puzzle as well as a series of smaller ones.”


  • Switch between four elements – Water, Ice, Lava, and Acid – through various switches and enemies to solve various challenges
  • Unique, evocative atmosphere throughout every area
  • Conquer five dungeons, each with their own unique mechanic
  • Interact with various villagers within the town area and learn their backstories
  • Enjoy an original soundtrack composed specifically for this game
  • Multiple endings available, depending on the number of spirit fragments the player collects

Perspectrum is available at the following digital storefronts:


Game Jolt:

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Perspectrum Soundtrack and Artwork 38 MB
Aug 09, 2018

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